Had a vegan pizza , vegan garlic knots , vegan cheesecake and a basket of fries and it was honestly one of the best pizza places I 've been to .
On top of that , I did n't feel like crap after eating all that food because you can tell that the food 's been made fresh .
The manager was very friendly and nice , and have excellent customer service .
Will definitely be coming back to this place very soon .
label: 5
predict: 5

Vegan food is crazy delicious !
And the sauce is top notch .
Friendly people .
We 'll be back for sure ! ! !
label: 5
predict: 5

This is a great place to order from .
The antipasto salad is awesome with lots of meat and cheese .
Best home made meatballs I have had .
Pizza and garlic knots are good .
I have also tried the eggplant parmesan .
The food is always Hot when it arrives .
I also love the service ! !
label: 5
predict: 5

Best vegan pizza in vegas !
All handmade and the best customer service !
Been here several times and it NEVER disappoints .
label: 5
predict: 5

First time here
and it was as delicious as it sounds .
Had the grilled chicken sandwich and side salad .
Nice size chicken breast and does n't taste processed .
Italian salad dressing is house made .
I 'll be back again .
label: 4
predict: 4

This place is wicked awesome !
I am from New York and am constantly on a good pizza hunt .
I have been all over town and this place is in my top three .
Add to it that I ca n't have milk / cheese as I 'm allergic .
Pizza Company has me covered !
Their vegan pizza is to DIE for .
They use Daiya cheese , which is a really well respected vegan alternative .
My boyfriend and I also ordered the meatball sliders .
Which were AMAZING .
They come on sliced / toasted garlic knots .
WHAT ? !
My boyfriend also ordered the spaghetti and meatballs .
He kept commenting that it was n't a dish he would order in a restaurant since we are italian and often make it at home , but the meatballs were so fantastic
The food was incredible .
Please come here .
We want this restaurant a long and healthy life .
Joey , the owner , is a gem and deserves much success .
label: 5
predict: 5

Best vegan pizza in Vegas ! !
My favorite is vegan cheese topped with fresh garlic and pineapple ...
Can not go wrong with that combination !
Pizza Company makes it PERFECT , and with their tasty dough and sauce , they blow all the other places out of the water ! !
The staff are always friendly , as well , and that 's something that I really appreciate .
label: 5
predict: 5

It was our business 's first time ordering with this company for lunch .
We ended up ordering 3 pizzas : the white pizza , the works , and the spicy BBQ .
The pizza was NOT GOOD at all .
The chicken was extremely SALTY .
The vegetables all tasted not fresh .
The whole pizzas must have been sitting for awhile because they tasted old .
For a first time customer this was not a good thing .
So we called and talked to the owner Joey to let him know .
All he said was " sorry but a company ordered the same thing u did and they loved it and our pizza is good
so I do n't know what you are saying .
" Our total came to $ 46 and I requested to be refunded $ 23 because of our experience .
He said " I 'm not gon na do that because our pizza is good . "
First off this is NOT how the owner of the company should handle a customer at all .
You do not state over that it 's good pizza and that another company loved it .
Maybe they got the good pizza he was talking about but we did n't .
Also as the OWNER NOT knowing how to handle a situation like this is unacceptable .
He should 've said sorry how can I fix it for you so that our company can be one that u recommend again .
Instead he chose to argue and be rude !
The sad part is I never thought you could mess up pizza but
Joey and the Pizza Company proved that they for sure can !
label: 1
predict: 1

The food was good and the service was genuine and thorough .
For our daughter , it 's hard to find a place that has gluten - free crust ( without eggs ) and vegan cheese , let alone such a combination that tastes
She loved it !
label: 5
predict: 5

Read all the reviews on yelp , figured this place would be great .
Nope not all .
Maybe if your Vegan but I do n't have my pizza that way .
The shop could have been a lot cleaner .
Had Junk laying around the back .
The staff was friendly but felt rushed when making my order .
Got a supreme pizza and salad .
The pizza was alright tasting but nothing great at all .
Had a pool of water / grease underneath it .
Made the dough taste gross .
Salad was nothing better then the bag kind you can buy at the store .
My husband was fine
but I did have a upset stomach all night afterwards .
Not worth the 25 bucks for it .
label: 2
predict: 2

The food was decent but the service was terribly slow .
I had to get up a number of times to just grab items and our server barely checked in on us .
Many other better breakfast places given the food and service .
label: 2
predict: 2

service is nice , food is quick .
food is super bland .
I would n't recommend this place to anyone nor coming back .
label: 1
predict: 2

A friend recommended this all day breakfast place recently
so I decided to come in for breakfast and it was quite good ! !
The waitress was amazing all throughout and gave us space when we needed it .
The service was quick and the food as great .
As a brief overview , this is what was ordered : breakfast burrito , omelet , and regular eggs with turkey bacon .
All orders came with home fries ( which are so so good ) , some fruit ( a slice of orange , cantaloupe , and pineapple ) , and two pieces of
Each table also has your sugar , sweetener , and spreads , including jam and peanut butter .
Beverages ordered were tea , coffee , and French vanilla ( a bit pricey for hot beverages but they were almost $ 3 ) .
So good though lol
The only thing about my plate ( three eggs , any style , with turkey bacon ) is that my scrambled eggs did n't really look like three eggs at all .
But that was a blessing in disguise cause I was way too full !
Recommend :)
label: 4
predict: 4

Came here for the first time .
The food was good and well priced compared to other places .
The only reason why I 'm giving them a 4 is because of the wait time to be seated .
Once we sat down the service was great and fast .
label: 4
predict: 4

Went here during the week for breakfast once and enjoyed their breakfast special .
Basic sausage , eggs , home fries and toast for under $ 6 .
The food tasted good , but breakfast usually does taste good wherever you go .
Good serving sizes as well , nice sized sausages .
Service was good .
Our waitress was friendly and she came by pretty often .
She only gave us one set of cutlery
but it was n't a big deal .
Orange juice was outrageously expensive for Minute Maid orange juice .
$ 3.50 for a bottle of orange juice ...
Giggling tomatoes charges that for freshly squeezed orange juice pressed right in front of you so personally I would n't order orange juice again .
Inside was nice with plenty of seating .
The mural on the wall was beautiful ...
The eyes were stunning .
Bathrooms were also clean so that 's always a plus !
We definitely plan on going again but I plan on ordering something different -
their pancake selection looked amazing ! :)
label: 4
predict: 4

Great restaurant .
Food was tasteful .
Service was excellent .
Portions were large .
was managed well .
Great option for brunch .
label: 5
predict: 4

Great food .
BUT ... if you ask for tomatoes on the side INSTEAD of home fries and toast , they still want to charge you 2 dollars .
There 's a principal here and I will never visit this establishment again .
label: 1
predict: 1

Pour up , Bacon , Head shot , Bacon ...
Lamar lyrics on the wall first thing upon entering - how could I not love this place ?
As mentioned in other reviews , this is a modern looking restaurant in a suburban strip plaza , and seems slightly out - of - place in Mississauga .
Well this definitely the good out - of - place .
I visited Panagio 's during on a Sunday .
They were quite busy , but I was able to get a table for 2 fairly quickly .
For my order , I had the " Huevos of the Ranch " - their take on the huevos rancheros .
The dish consisted of 2 up eggs , tomato , salsa verde , and feta on a tortilla with sides of guacamole and home fries .
Admittedly , it was my first time trying huevos rancheros , though it 's been tops on my to - try list for a long time now .
I really liked how all the flavours mixed together and having salsa , tortillas , and guac during breakfast was a totally new experience for me .
The feta cheese was my favourite part , as it tasted firm and fresh .
Will definitely be back at Panagio 's in the near future
- I need to try their Oreo waffles .
label: 5
predict: 4

It was my first time at Panagio 's today
and I left a fan !
Panagio 's was really packed at 1030 in the morning on a Sunday , as expected , with the dining room full and lineup for a table out the doors !
I knew that I had picked a great place for brunch .
As I was waiting for a table , I watched servers and cooks have all hands on deck to help one another out which was really great to see .
Servers ' shirts read different breakfast - related saying such as , " Bacon is the main reason why I am not a vegetarian " which was really cute .
I had Bonjour Benedicts and was eagerly excited as it was my first time having eggs benedicts , EVER .
Yes , it took me 29 years to finally try it !
In my defense , I only started eating " runny eggs " about two years ago ( I am a scrambled eggs type of girl ) .
Being from Montreal , the smoked meat in the eggs benny was just such a great pairing .
Portions are also very friendly and the price is right !
Certainly recommend this place to others and will be back !
label: 4
predict: 5

Came here as a party of two at 1 pm on a Sunday .
First thoughts were this place is busier than expected ( no line , but no free tables either ) and has a cool contemporary layout .
We ordered Oreo pancakes , Greek omelette , side of French toast , and OJ . Oreo pancakes : great with maple syrup - fluffy and good amount of Oreo chunks
Satisfied my sweet tooth :)
Greek omelette : omelette contained black olives , feta cheese and onions - tasty combination , and the accompanying homefries were well seasoned French toast : maybe it 's made differently
pretty bland
OJ : served a bottle of Minute Maid .
The menu did n't say freshly squeezed so guess that 's fine Service was slow - seemed to be understaffed .
We had to wait at first to be acknowledged , and then again for the bill .
Overall - decent , would be fine with returning here and trying other menu items , but in no rush to do so .
label: 3
predict: 3

The food good was as usual , but the service was meh today !
Please note : they hired a lot of new servers , and from my personal , it seems like it has started to vary I was not greeted with
( they all do at this place ) but did a table just across from me ..
Why ?
I wonder ....
also they charge $ 2.50 bottomless but did not offer once to a refill ?
Server 's name ! ! ! !
label: 3
predict: 3

My partner insisted we try out this place for brunch .
The place was quite packed for a Friday morning and the walls were decorated with words on a canvas that would make you laugh or rethink about food .
It certainly caught my attention .
I like the open kitchen that was in front of me since we sat at the high table .
The service was pretty good and fast .
I did n't like how they could n't sub the cheese for another item which other places would kindly do so .
The hot sauce I asked for was Tabasco sauce which I do n't particularly like .
Happy :
The atmosphere was nice and casual .
There was two tv mounted on the walls / ceilings so you can see the news which is nice .
My soup was hot which is great .
I do n't like cold soup .
It came with buttered toast which if I knew , I would n't want butter on them .
The home fries was crispy and the right size .
My partner loved his egg Benedict as he likes it gooey .
My other friend was very full from his waffle , but I felt that the chicken could have been a better cut , instead of chicken strips that you can buy from
Not happy :
The fruit portion is very small .
I still love Cora 's for their large portion of fruits for a breakfast place .
Verdict : Overall , for the value of the price and the atmosphere , I would definitely go back to it .
I just wish they can sub stuff out for other stuff .
label: 4
predict: 4

A reliable basic breakfast spot in the west end , an old - faithful , and a solid go - to for groups , families , and people of all ages .
I 've visited this location several times in the last year , and while it is n't a gourmet , knock - your - sock - off experience , it 's a
It 's a nice , safe choice , and you really ca n't go wrong with a meal here .
Location : Located at the northeast corner of Road and Road in Mississauga ( about 7 minutes away from the Road exit of Hwy 401 ) , Panagio 's
However , there 's lots of parking available , so that should n't be an issue .
Menu :
Lots of options - both sweet and savoury .
They have the usual eggs , omelettes , corned beef & hash , etc .
And they also have sweet options like Oreo pancakes , chocolate chip pancakes , etc .
Portions for some dishes are quite large , and decently tasty ( i.e. I quite enjoyed the chocolate chip + banana pancakes , although I did find their home fries a little
Overall : A safe choice for breakfast in Mississauga , and the dishes I 've ordered here have been decent .
My one criticism is that they do n't take reservations , so lines can go out the door at peak times on weekends , and it can be difficult if you want
Other than that , check this spot out - it 's reliable , with a nice , clean modern environment suitable for groups large and small .
label: 4
predict: 3

This is very close to my house , I go very often , and I love their food !
Good variety and taste and the staff usually try their best during rush .
label: 5
predict: 5

Food- Big portions ! !
If you 're hungry and looking for a great breakfast place in Mississauga I highly recommend this one .
I was feeling a benny
so I ordered the Turkey & Swiss ( comes with fruits and home fries ) .
Hit the spot !
Came with about 4 pieces of , a poached egg on each English muffin , Swiss cheese and hollandaise sauce !
Pretty good .
Not to salty , filling , and flavourful !
I tried my benny , the Bonjour Benny , and my friend who owned a deli shop pointed out to me that she could taste that the Montreal smoked meat was
Yes , a little bit of a turn off , but overall pretty good in flavour .
I prefer the if you 're stuck between the two !
My other friend ordered the big breakfast , and it 's true to its word ...
it is BIG !
Served as a whole breakfast with 3 eggs , home fries , sausage , bacon etc plus 2 pancakes , you 're bound to be more than full + have leftovers if
Highly recommend as well .
Price- $ 8 - 20 .
Average pricing ranging from about $ 10 - 15 !
You get a lot for the quality , portion and price .
Service- came here on a Sunday morning after partying all night .
Line was almost out the door .
Decided to wait and it surprisingly went by fast !
Less than a 15 minute wait and our party of 6 was seated .
When we sat down we were given water right away ( as asked ) and menus .
Throughout we were helped with our menu , checked up upon and overall had a great experience .
if I 'm ever in the area for breakfast i would definitely drop by and try something new !
label: 4
predict: 4

Service was great .
Food was good .
Fries were n't good .
Place was n't very busy .
Food did n't take long
label: 4
predict: 3

That 's all I have to say .
but really , this is the only breakfast place I 've been to that
serves Oreo pancakes !
And you can bet that I ordered some !
Delish ! !
Definitely something that you can make yourself but soo much easier when you can just order it !
Was n't craving breakfast when I came here ( I know , crazy
right ? ! ) ,
for some reason I was craving smoked meat and to my surprise , they had it on their menu !
I 'm drooling just thinking about it
I came on a Sunday afternoon and had just beat the rush !
We were seated right away in a comfy booth .
Our server was friendly and food came at a reasonable time .
No complaints there !
label: 4
predict: 4

What a great place for breakfast , brunch or lunch !
So many different choices of what to eat from the usual eggs , bacon , sausage combos to pancakes , waffles , wraps , etc .
They also have a breakfast special where you can get 3 eggs , 2 slices of toast and choice of bacon , sausage or ham for $ 5.59 before 11 a.m.
Other items on the menu are reasonably priced at around $ 10 or so .
The place is nicely decorated and clean , just enough natural sunlight coming in , not too loud and great food .
I 'll definitely be back to try their pancakes or waffles next time !
label: 4
predict: 4

A good place for breakfast / brunch Quite good choices in the menu .
We had omelette with mozzarella cheese , mushrooms and tomato from the create your own section .
And had french toast glazed banana .
Both were good , no artificial taste booster or additives .
Tastes great ! !
The servers were very nice and service is prompt .
A nice place to go again .
label: 4
predict: 4

My new favorite brunch spot in Mississauga .
How was this gem missed ?
There 's not much to NOT like about this place , and the fact that the wait can get quite busy shows .
First of all , generous portions for reasonable prices .
1 main order is definitely enough ( 2 people if you have a small appetite ) .
I ordered the Eggs Florentine ( Eggs Benedict with spinach ) and the Tex Mex Poutine .
It was delicious .
I would recommend ordering any variety of Eggs Benedict and poutine ( for extra fat and flavor of course ) .
Other people in my party were content with their egg breakfast or sandwich .
Lots of varieties to choose from !
Most orders come with an addictive side of homefries , therefore you will be full and wo n't need to order any extra sides !
Great service .
Wait staff are attentive and we sat there for a few hours chatting away and were never rushed out .
-1 star because if there 's an extra charge of $ 1.99 for substituting to fruit ( and you do n't get too much so a bit steep for fruit ) .
label: 4
predict: 4

place for breakfast on the weekend .
Very interesting atmosphere : talkative , wooden tables , friendly - as - anything staff , rapid service .
Food is almost as good as the place advertise ; interestingly , out of the 4 of us , 3 got eggs Florentine , which was fairly well done .
Would have preferred a sharper mozzarella , a less done egg and a little more flavor .
Hollandaise sauce was terrific .
home fries are good .
Fruit ? ?
- a piece each of cantaloupe , pineapple and orange ... that 's called fruit , disappointing .
My friend 's greek omelette looked pretty solid too .
We also got an order of pancakes - pretty good .
label: 4
predict: 3

I came here during the weekday and they appear to have specials for $ 5.99 which includes eggs , fruit , bacon / sausage and toast .
I asked if I did n't get meat and if it would be the same price .
They said it would be so value wise
, I did n't think it was worth ordering without meat .
I decided on the Eggs Florentine because who can resist poached eggs ?
Definitely not me .
Well , the dish was okay , the eggs were poached well , but the Hollandaise sauce was quite bland .
It also came with hash browns , which tasted amazing .
Loved the seasoning on them .
Verdict :
It 's your typical breakfast diner joint .
It does n't have a lot of specialized dishes , but it will do the job for a diner - type breakfast .
label: 3
predict: 3